So Long FT-950

It still is hard to believe I was actually able to let go of my beloved FT-950. Since I have had the FTdx-3000 I noticed I had hardly turn it on so it was time for it to make someone else as happy
as it has done me for the last 4 years.
I like to experience other radios and decided to trade a chap in New Jersey for his TS-590S.  It has been a very long time since I owned a modern Kenwood transceiver due to the bad taste a couple
of TS-2000’s left me with over their receivers being so poor.
The trade was fair based on age and current resell values. Awaiting the 590S’s arrival. Should arrive on Monday 2/26/17. Will report back here with my opinion.


450 Ohm Ladder Line

The Wireman ( a well known supplier of antenna making products for the amateur carries some 450 ohm ladder line which is much better than the standard stiff solid conductor  line you see on eBay and else where. It has two 16ga 19 strand conductors and is very flexible compared to others. It is their product number 552. Full legal power and very flexible.
Most of the 450 ohm line out there these days has two 18ga solid conductors.

I highly recommend this line, you will not be disappointed !


.net & .org

I have abandoned the wordpress websites for and . I just don’t have the energy and time to devote to maintaining them. All my “Ramblings” about QRP and Digital SWLing will now be included here.

Attempted Hack

Dear Hacker, you might as well give up on trying to hack this small wordpress site. It is heavily protected.  I know your IP from my security system in place and your location is known as well.

If you continue your attempts I will contact your ISP and I don’t think you would want the embarrassment of being caught.

Be warned !