Sunday 4/27/15

Sue, WA6SUE and I went out to a local lake for a few hours today and setup my Ten Tec Argonaut with a buddipole antenna  and listened around on ten meters for a while. Made a call to a W4 land station in the Florida QSO Party.  Conditions did not see the best despite the very low noise level we always experience out there. Just amazing the difference in noise once you get out of town 5 miles.


Early morning JT65 40m

A sleepless night gets me into the shack at 01:00 local time to see what happening on 40m this morning. Several stations on. Don’t see any I have not worked in the past.  Recently upgraded my old Windows XP computer to a Dell Optiplex 960 dual core running Windows 7 now. Also using the newer WJST-X v1.6-devel r51425 which seems to be working very well.