Hex Beam is now Installed.

With the help of Ray, W6EST we installed the K4KIO Hexbeam on a short mast on the roof last Saturday 5/23.  It is performing as we expected. Having just took down a 2 element tribander by Mosley in which to judge by,  The Hex is a broader banded and I do notice a better signal strengths  with the Hex. It maybe just conditions since the hex was installed.  I will have some pictures online soon of the install.

Hexbeam is assembled

Finished assembling the Hexbeam and it is sitting on a 30gal plastic garbage can in half of the backyard.  Took down my 2 el yagi yesterday as well. Had a bear of a time as the push up mast it was on kept binding up on me. Ordered a new Yaesu G-450 rotor from HRO last night for the new installation of the Hexbeam which is not going back on the push up mast as originally planned. I have a small roof tripod up on the roof in  center of the house and going to install the Hexbeam on it up about 10ft.  Going to move the Hex so it is out of the backyard up to the roof to await it’s install.

5/5/15 Hexbeam preparations & more.

Need to check local Ace Hardware today to see if they have a 3ft length of 1 1/4 pipe to fit the flange on the hexbeam. May take down my 2 element yagi today as well depending on work load from www.cheapqsls.com . Started a picture gallery of the hexbeam assembly and install which will be maintained as it progresses to finally in the air. Darken up the background on this blog a little. I know sometimes backgrounds which are too bright seems to blind you and makes reading what otherwise would be interesting to more of a chore.

5/1/15 Hex Beam Arrived

I had ordered a 4 band hex beam on Monday which arrived yesterday.  Looking over the contents of the two boxes it does not appear to be very difficult an assembly. I have some other preparations to be done before I start assembling the antenna. My back yard is not very large and I my lawns are cut on Friday each week so this means I have to plan to assemble the antenna on a Friday after the lawns are cut.  My plan is to put it together Next Friday, take down my existing tribander on Saturday. Then put the hex beam up on Sunday morning. At least that is the plan now.