Sunday 6/21/15

Woke up and decided to fire up the rig.  06:53 UTC and 20m JT65 really loaded with Europe stations.  Will see what we can snag before heading back and modulating the pillow again.

14:26 UTC Good openings on 17m JT65 this morning for short while. Called CQ and was answered by BG4DRL in Shanghai, China.  Band folded for half an hour after that. Now starting to see signals again. The Hex Beam has allowed me to get back on 17m again. It has always been one of my favorite WARC bands.

CW on 20 this morning

Heard YB8TK calling CQ this morning and decided to give him a shout. Turned the hex beam to 248 deg and made my call.  He came back and as my luck would have it, had my call as K6RR ! I send DE K6RF K6RF a couple times so it was one of those contacts you have no idea if it is in his log correct or not. Not a big deal as I have several QSLs from YB stations. Just leaves me fustrated !
Not the first time it has happen and I am sure not the last.