Neighbors RFI returns

My neighbor has had something in their home which raises holy hell on with RFI on 20 meters for several years. It comes on strong for a few months each year. I have been lucky the last new months and could just tell it was still there with it’s tick tick tick sound. Recently Comcast replaced a section of cable from the in gound box from the street to their house. Last night the tick was back in full force with 59+ signal strength. I have mentioned it a couple times with no apparent interest on their part to eliminate it or help me find the source in their home. I am going to try one more time before contacting the FCC. Trying to be a good neighbor but I also would like to be able to to use 20 meters.

Buddi Pole

Last new days in my spare time I have been fine tuning the buddi pole which I have configured as a “Buddi Stick” vertical. I found it much easier to set this up than the regular dipole. Going to give it a go on digital mode JT65 or JT9 this weekend. I have found through the years very little power needed on these modes. I am using my FT-817nd for this test. Please give me a call this weekend if you see me in the waterfall. I will be running about 2 watts.