Friday 10/30/15

Decided to put my favorite low band antenna back up the center fed Zepp.  I use #14 bare copper coated antenna wire for this and 300 ohm windowed twinlead which I get from “The Wireman”.
My city lot is small so without putting a pole in the front yard I devised a L  shaped antenna which I call the “Zig Zag Zepp” with the Zig being vertical and Zag going down.

There are four supports for this. Starting in the North end a 18ft mast which runs up to a 40ft this holds a PVC Tee which the antenna wire passes through next is another 18ft mast with another pvc t. Then the wire turns East up to a 30ft mast.  The center of this antenna is just aboutr center between the 40 footer and the South mast (3rd).

It works quite well on it’s intended bands of 30, 40 & 80 Meters. I feed this with a 4:1 balun under the eave outside my shack and coax from that into the shack tuner. This keeps RF out of the shack and has always done me a good job.

If you want to get on the lower bands just give the antenna some thought, Where there is a will, there is a way !

My Icom 7410

I have had the 7410 now for a week or two and I have to say I like the rig. The rig is very easy to drive around the bands. Front panel controls were well thought out in my opinion.
We have always judged 100 watt transceivers by the receive. Lets face it, 100 watts is a 100 watts no matter what brand is on the front panel.  Icom promotes this rig with advertising saying because it is double conversion there is less internal noise developed. Of course that maybe true but at the same time admitting it is not as hot as say my FT-950 which is triple conversion and  while I am on the 950, it is a much better receiver. Where the 7410 has it beat is in the DSP, especially with the twin pass band tuning.

I like the rig and it is a keeper in my shack quite a nice piece of equipment in the mid price range of amateur transceivers these days.



Update 10/8/15

Been pretty busy here with the QSL business and adding some new equipment to our business.  Also just purchased a used IC-7410 from a fellow up in Washington state. Waiting on him to ship when he receives my postal money order.  I really prefer to pay and have purchases using Paypal because it saves all the wait time and worry of mail with your payment being lost. I would have gladly paid the fees for him to avoid the hassle. Oh well.