K5P – Palmyra Atoll DXpedition on 40 CW

The only good thing about having acute insomnia is being able to wake up fresh at 12:30AM and turn on the rig and find a DX pile up.  Happen this morning and was the K5P expedition on Palmyra.  After I had a cup of joe to wake up fully and switch antennas around to the new FTDX-3000 I gave a couple calls and found the sweet spot on the third call with him coming back to me.

I worked the Atoll many years ago but the DXer inside me said call anyway.

Palmyra island (ATOLL) is a strange place I have heard. Something like the “Pacific Triangle” as the Bermuda one is.  It is about the center of the Pacific. Lots of old salt tales about the place.