Alpha Delta DX-DD

Switched my DX-DD to open wire feed today.  Using 450 ohm line. I have been intending to do this for several months and finally got the time to do so.  I am using an external Palstar 4:1 balun which is mounted under the eave outside the shack window. From there about a 10 foot length of LMR400 coax to the Palstar AT2K tuner.  Have checked it out on 40, 30 and 20 so far and works well. Will see if it made 80 a little easier to tune now.  Was very narrow using coax prior to the switch.

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I have abandoned the wordpress websites for and . I just don’t have the energy and time to devote to maintaining them. All my “Ramblings” about QRP and Digital SWLing will now be included here.