Follow up on Ladder Line Mishap

The winds given problem and the winds take away problem of ladder line snagged on clamp at top of mast. We have high winds again this morning and just as fast as the last wind storm created the snagging of the ladder line at the top section of my 40 foot mast they unhooked it this morning which made me quickly drop everything and get out and secure the ladderline straight down with a 10 ft piece of paracord to stop the fluttering in the wind. I have delayed letting down the mast due to work schedules and other things like not being able to walk due to a case of gout in my left foot.

Had made up my mind to drop the mast Saturday if there was no wind and correct the problem. About the only time you will ever hear be thank the wind for saving me some work. 40 MPH blows expected here today.

Ladder Line mishap

We recently had some high winds and I started to notice my antenna tuner settings had changes quite a bit. Went out side and took a look at the supporting pole. Noticed the ladder line
had caught on the clamp which holds the top 10 foot section up. Tried several things to get it unlodged on the clamp to no avail. What this did was put the ladder line right against the push up
mast and caused the high swr on the normal tuner settings. Had plans to let the pole down and fix this but low and behold a rainy weekend. So Will have to use as is until weather clears. Going to come up with something to prevent this from happening again in the future as the antenna which is a Alpha Delta DX-DD. With ladder line feed this antenna covers 80-40-30 meters and works very well normally.