Band Conditions

Now I am usually a very early to bed guy and with that I get up in what you would consider the “Wee Hours” like 02:30am almost every day.  The last three or four days I have been staying up late. Late to me is 9pm but I am talking 11pm here. I found 20 meters alive with DX on CW and digital modes more than once. So now I am under going a sleeping habit change and forcing myself to stay up later.

I related this story to a good friend in Georgia and he indicated he was in bed by 9pm each night. I got to thinking about the time difference so I do understand him not being up at midnight and having to get up for work in the morning. Being retired does have it’s advantages as far as Ham Radio is concerned !

Johnson Speedx Bug eBay find

My dad bought me one just like this when I was a young ham in 1962. He paid $19.95 for it at a local electronic supply house (Peninsula Electronics) in Salinas, CA.  I was so happy to get it as it got me away from a straight key. I developed my CW speed on it and used this bug for many years.
This weekend I ran across one just like it on eBay and it was a had to have.  So glad to have for the memories it will bring.