The Kenwood 590 has now been in my shack a couple of weeks and I must say it is a nice little rig. Keeping with the nice Kenwood audio  I remembered from years ago. It is a pleasure to
listen to.  I worked a few stations during the recent WPX contest and had no trouble making contacts.  I  have acquired a amp relay cable for it to pair up with the AL-811 and works quite well.

Think I will hang on to this rig for a while.

A microphone ?

Not sure what has come over me !  I actually have a microphone hooked up to one of my rigs here on the desk.  Yes I have even made a few SSB contacts the last week or so. The truth is I am having a really bad bout with arthritis right now and cannot use a key with my right hand or move my arm without severe pain. So in order to put a contact or two in my log  I have called a few stations on 20 meters in the State QSO Parties.  I heard S. Cook Islands, E51KTA on 20m this morning and logged him and left the frequency with a big head after he commented on how nice my signal was. Hey this could change my whole outlook on working SSB. We shall see…..