Ted “Mac” McElroy Worlds Champion Telegrapher

Here is the hero of the radio telegraphers in our time. Mr. Ted R. McElroy – W1JYN – *1904-1963*
As legend has it, Mac astounded the audience by not doing anything when
the sending competition started in the3_pppurchase
July 2nd 1939 Hamfest at Asheville
N.C. –
The competition commenced and Ted
took a drink of water and light a
cigarette. He didn’t start typing until
a full 15 seconds of code had taken
place. When the tape finished he kept
typing for that same 15 second period
and it is no coincidence that he also
won touch typing contests. He left
that Hamfest with the Worlds Title
for fastest telegrapher at 75.2 WPM,
never to be broken.



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