Still hunting the terrible noise

Been very busy while Sue is away so I have been handling our QSL business alone. Have not had the time to do any search for the noise I posted about earlier.
I just got this County Comm GP5/SSB hand held receiver. This thing has great reviews on You Tube check it out.  It should be invaluable in locating the offending source of the noise. As it turned out the GP5 had a problem.

Update 7/6/17. Just as fast as the  noise appeared it is gone.  I am now suspecting my neighbor may have had a battery charger on his motorcycle and that was where my high noise was coming from. I noticed he had it out of his garage this last weekend and that is my main suspicion. He works out of town during the week and only comes home on the weekends.  Very friendly guy so I am sure
he would cooperate with me if the noise comes back.

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