The Kenwood 590 has now been in my shack a couple of weeks and I must say it is a nice little rig. Keeping with the nice Kenwood audio  I remembered from years ago. It is a pleasure to
listen to.  I worked a few stations during the recent WPX contest and had no trouble making contacts.  I  have acquired a amp relay cable for it to pair up with the AL-811 and works quite well.

Think I will hang on to this rig for a while.

A microphone ?

Not sure what has come over me !  I actually have a microphone hooked up to one of my rigs here on the desk.  Yes I have even made a few SSB contacts the last week or so. The truth is I am having a really bad bout with arthritis right now and cannot use a key with my right hand or move my arm without severe pain. So in order to put a contact or two in my log  I have called a few stations on 20 meters in the State QSO Parties.  I heard S. Cook Islands, E51KTA on 20m this morning and logged him and left the frequency with a big head after he commented on how nice my signal was. Hey this could change my whole outlook on working SSB. We shall see…..

So Long FT-950

It still is hard to believe I was actually able to let go of my beloved FT-950. Since I have had the FTdx-3000 I noticed I had hardly turn it on so it was time for it to make someone else as happy
as it has done me for the last 4 years.
I like to experience other radios and decided to trade a chap in New Jersey for his TS-590S.  It has been a very long time since I owned a modern Kenwood transceiver due to the bad taste a couple
of TS-2000’s left me with over their receivers being so poor.
The trade was fair based on age and current resell values. Awaiting the 590S’s arrival. Should arrive on Monday 2/26/17. Will report back here with my opinion.


Starting off the year with an injury.

For the sake of not embarrassing myself I will say that last weekend I injured my left wrist in a fall. Sue, the XYL as been running the QSL business almost entirely alone.
Meanwhile the doctors are not displaying any signs of telling me what I have injured or broke to cause this much discomfort and extreme pain in my hand and wrist. Another week wearing a velcro wrist brace and then another XRAY and Dr visit to go. If there is any good to mention it is than my CW hand is alive and well still !


It has been a varied year in my amateur radio activity. I have made a few thousand JT mode contacts to my surprise. With the new year I am going to get back into my favorite mode of CW more.
I have found myself finally burning out on operating the JT modes and also noticed my CW  sending has lost some of it’s well developed sound while sending. So much more CW operation is my New Years resolution, but then again I have never been one to keep them !